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Happy Easter! Prayers Needed. 

Happy Easter! 


What a beautiful time we have each year to look at Christ's sacrifice as He took on our sins at Calvary. Then we have Sunday to celebrate His victory over death. Death has been defeated and we now have the hope of living with Him forever. What a joyous day! 

This past week has been tough. 

Two of my dear friends each lost family members. One was the father of a friend and one was the son of another friend. My heart is absolutely broken for both families as they make funeral plans. I know that it's even harder to make these plans over a Holiday. But what a beautiful Holiday to celebrate these precious lives. What a beautiful time we have to reflect, that this is not the end. 

We have the hope of that wonderful day when we will meet again. That hope is what holds us together. That hope is what gets us through such difficult times. That hope needs to be shared with a world that is hurting so badly. Hold on to that Hope. 

This Easter, remember what Christ did for us, and that His love will get us through anything if we stay close to Him. Death has been defeated. 

Join me in Prayer 

Lord we look forward to you coming to take us home 

and away from the pains of this world. 

Thank you for what you did for us. 

Thank you for your love and your mercy and your graces 

that pour out on us each and every day. 

Help us to be thankful for what we have 

and to take time for those we love. 

Be with us and guide us as we continue 

to be your hands and feet to those in need. Amen

Friends, if you could please pause for a moment and say a prayer for these two families, I would appreciate it. Hughes and Heil are the last names. Pray that God will give them peace and comfort. Pray that He will fill the hole that has been left in their lives with these losses. Pray that we as a community can see opportunities to reach out to those in need. Thank you. 

Have a Blessed Easter (remember it doesn't end on Monday). We have 50 days to celebrate. 


Winner Announced! New Years Message from Jaime. Tour Recap. 

Happy New Year! 

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying the New Year! I had such a wonderful time touring the Advent and Christmas music in December. Thank you for the invites and thank you for all of you who came out to enjoy the music. 

Now it's back to my day job. haha! I really am excited to get back to teaching voice again. I have 23 students signed up for spring semester as well as a few concert/event dates which should keep me busy for a few months. 


In the last newsletter (for those of you who are signed up for my newsletter)  I posted that I would be doing a drawing for "The Joy of Christmas" CD. All you had to do was reply to that email. Thank you to all of you who responded. I numbered all of the responses that came in and used an online generator to randomly  choose a number. Congratulations to Steve from Texas! Your CD is in the mail.  


As far as New Years Resolutions go, I'm really going to try to practice what I preach and do my best to find more Joy and more Peace in my life. 

Last week we were headed home from the Monastery in Jerome, where we'd just attended Mass, and my husband asked me "what do you feel you are lacking in your life right now?". Well, that was random. Haha! 

He then went on to say, "It's just hard for me to see you so stressed out all of the time and going in a million different directions. You just don't seem happy." It didn't take me but a few seconds to spit out my answer. "Well, Peace and Joy". I'd never taken time to really think about it before. For the past several years I've thrown myself into my music as well as other jobs and have become somewhat of a workaholic. I've let a lot of my hobbies go and I've filled that time with work, work and more work then worrying about work and... well, let's just say that hasn't been the healthiest thing I could do for myself. It's also affected time with family and friends.  

As I would sing "Hold Them Close" at concerts this past December (the song Pete and I wrote together) I would think about how many times I've let work get in the way of spending time with family and friends. And when I was with family and friends or my husband, I was worrying about work which didn't allow me quality time with anyone. 

I've tried to find balance in the past and obviously I've failed. Maybe this conversation with my husband was the wakeup call I needed to realize that I can't keep doing this forever. I need to get mentally healthy. I need to find that balance that we all need so desperately to live a joyful, peaceful and fulfilled life. 

What my husband said to me that day made me realize that I've forgotten how to play and how to enjoy the things around me. 

I need to make that time for peace both in prayer and in daily life. I need to make time for hobbies again. I need to make time for family and friends. I need to make time to laugh and play. And I need to enjoy these things without the cloud of stress and worry hanging above me.  

If this is you too, my prayer is that we all will find joy and peace and be able to enjoy our time here. God wants that for us so much. And He is the only way we can find it. 

Romans 15:13 

"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit." 



I had such a wonderful time sharing the music from "The Joy of Christmas" CD in November and December. I travelled to Meridian, Weiser and Eagle Idaho, then on to Dillon Montana, then back home to Twin Falls where I helped St. Edwards School with their Christmas program. I had a blast! Thank you for a wonderful December everyone. I hope you were blessed by the music as much as I enjoyed sharing it with all of you. 


Here are some pictures from each of the places that invited me to share. 


Have a blessed and Happy New Year! 




I'm Alive! New Chapter... learning to Trust. 

Hi Friends!

I’m Alive! Sorry it’s been so long since my last update. A lot of things have happened in the last few months that have kept me very busy. 


I’d like to start this post with a verse about Trust. 


Proverbs  3:5-6 

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, 

on your own intelligence do not rely; 

In all your ways be mindful of him, 

and he will make straight your paths. 


I don’t know about you, but I find myself trying to rely on my own intelligence A lot. Ugh! Over the past few months I’ve done some serious thinking and searching, trying to figure out the next chapter of my life. I’ve spent so much time planning and sorting-out and strategizing and documenting and worrying when I should have been praying, asking and trusting that God has a plan. 



This past year has been such a struggle to book concerts for myself.  It’s been hard to get and to keep a solid booking agent, so I’ve been doing it all by myself. It has consumed me and it has worn me out! Lol. Over the summer, I did some serious praying on whether this is what God really wants for me or if I should just move on. It’s been a good 20 year run with wonderful blessings and amazing opportunities. 


One of the things weighing on my heart has been that Pete was ill for so long. Now with him finally on the road to recovery, maybe me trying to travel and be gone so much is like throwing that gift back in God’s face. We’ve been given a second chance for quality time together. Why would I want to book all of these concerts and be on the road and away from him all of the time? (P.S. We just celebrated our 20 year anniversary in August! Can’t believe it). 


Then fear set in… 

If I step back from travelling and doing concerts so much, what do I do for work? 

How do I help contribute to the household finances while still enjoying what I do. 

Should I really take a step back from music and not tour so much? 

…Do not rely on your own intelligence. 



In the past I’ve loved teaching voice, so I decided one day to just put it out there on FB, pray about it and see if there was any interest in the area or if this was the direction God wanted me to go. Well, God opened the doors big time! Since August, I’ve been teaching at a local music center in Twin Falls and I have 18 students already! God is so good. 

This is my voice lesson room


After all of that happened, I was then offered a part-time position at our local Catholic Radio Station. This helped to fill in the gaps of our finances. I’m also trying to volunteer more in my own community through fundraising events and have been invited to do a few this fall. I’m excited! Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and he will make your paths straight. 


I know we all struggle with direction and what God is wanting from us. I pray that you will really take this verse to heart and know that God wants what is best for you. Trust him with all of your heart, lean not on your own understanding or intelligence, always be mindful of Him and he will make your paths straight. 



I want to thank all of you who have supported and encouraged this ministry over the years and who continue to do so. The past 20 years have been amazing and while I’m not quitting entirely, this step back from full time music ministry has been a hard decision but one that I am at peace with. I’m really excited about this next chapter and I am trusting the Lord will continue to make my paths straight.   



I will be doing a limited amount of concerts/events per year. Please contact me if you have an event so I can get that date reserved for you. CLICK HERE TO CONTACT ME


Upcoming concerts are listed on my Calendar page. I’ll be in Wisconsin Oct 27-Nov 1 and I have some Advent/Christmas Concerts and events around Idaho and Montana this year. 


Many Blessings, 



Happy Summer!... New Music Coming!... Celebrating Family! 

Hello friends. 

I hope your summer is off to a great start.  We are enjoying such beautiful weather here in Idaho and I’ve been walking the canyon grade again. Whew! It always amazes me how much better I feel when I’m exercising and spending time getting some fresh air. Great way to start the day! 

Then it’s down to the basement to work (making calls and sending emails to book the tour calendar and taking care of the fun office details of the ministry). I’m really not complaining. I love what I do. Even though Pete does call me the "basement troll" every now and again. lol.  



We have a lot to celebrate this summer.  

Happy Birthday to my husband Pete! Pete turned 44 on June 4th, but we are celebrating much more than his birthday. He doing so much better and able to work 25 hours per week doing what he loves! He’s an awesome social worker and loves helping others. We Praise God for the continued healing in Pete’s body. He still has some hurdles, but we are so happy for what he is able to do now and how far he has come from just last August. God is so good. Thank you for your prayers.  

I snuck a picture of Pete at the Doctors office 2 weeks ago. He looks AMAZING! 

Last month we celebrated Mother’s Day. My mom is amazing. Last year she opened her home to us when Pete got so sick and couldn’t work. She has allowed us to stay here until we can get back on our feet again financially and I cannot tell you what a HUGE blessing this has been. Thank you Mom for always being there for us. We love you!  

This month we celebrate Father’s Day.  I love my dad! He has always been there for us as well. In fact, it was because of my dad telling us to come down to St. George to see the specialist there that Pete was properly diagnosed and is doing so well. Thank you DAD!  


And last, but not least, two weekends ago we celebrated my nephew’s baptism. My sister’s oldest son made the decision to follow Christ and be baptized. He wanted it to be at a lake so a small group of us gathered near the shore and watched Tanner be baptized. For those of you who don’t know, it was watching Tanner be born (17 years ago this month) that changed my views from Pro-Choice to Pro-Life.    

My journey for being a voice for the unborn began at that moment.  

I’m so grateful God used Tanner to speak to me and I couldn’t be happier that he has chosen to follow and serve Jesus.  


Family is so important. I do my best not to take them for granted because family and friends are a precious gift from God.  



I have some new music recordings in the works. The plan is to get 2 songs finished and released as singles by September. Very excited to get back in the studio and start creating again! I will keep you posted as things progress.  



I’m heading to…  

KANSAS for National Right to Life Convention the end of June  

IOWA for a week in July with the other Carrick Ministries artists  

TEXAS in August.  

WISCONSIN in October 

Check out my website calendar for more details. If you live close, I would love to see you there.  


Blessings and enjoy your summer! I will reach out again next month.  


Easter Message & March Concerts Recap 

Happy Easter! 

I hope you are enjoying this wonderful Easter Season. I love that Easter doesn't last just one day. We have 50 days to Celebrate! The Octave of Easter which is eight days of high celebration that begins with Easter Sunday followed by 42 more days of Rejoicing which ends on Pentecost Sunday (May 20). So Keep Celebrating! 

Message from Jaime 

Well the trees and flowers are blooming here in Southern Idaho and everything is greening up and making beautiful scenery to enjoy. For those of us who suffer from seasonal allergies it is definitely a challenge to "enjoy' this time of year. For the past two weeks I've dealt with severe allergy symptoms which include cough and asthma. 

Not Fun for a Singer! 

On Friday I landed in the Doctor for the third time. We are hoping we found the right mixture of products to help get it under control. I ask for your prayers. 

Staying positive? Yes, because I've decided after the past two weeks of being miserable through the post-nasal drip, sneezing and coughing,  that I will try to enjoy the beauty and positive things going on around me. Because no matter what life throws at us, we can decide to be miserable or we can push through the muck and make the best of each day by trying to focus on the good things happening instead of the bad (there will always be both). 

The past two weeks I spent time planning and trying to figure out how I was going to do music full-time with this sudden onset of severe allergies in my 40's. I even thought "well maybe I should do seasonal work and not do concerts in the spring/summer. Will that pay the bills?" (insert sound of numbers crunching here). 

Then I Prayed! 

Yep, should have done that in the first place. 

God knows what I am going through and He is in control. I put all of this in His hands and He will provide. He has a plan. And I will continue to do my best to stay in His Will for my life knowing He has and will continue to provide for all of His children. 

I hope that brings you some peace in whatever trials you may be going through right now. Don't give up. Don't be miserable. Don't try to plan your way out of God's Will for your life because you are scared. Learn from my mistake and let your knees hit the floor first. You will save yourself a lot of wasted energy and peace. 

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is - his good, pleasing and perfect will. 

Romans 12:2 



Think of Me for Your Next Event 

We are now booking for Fall 2018-Spring 2019 and I would love to come share with your Church/ Parish or Event. 

Please contact me so I can answer any questions you might have and let's get your date reserved on the calendar. 


Concert Recap (March in beautiful Pennsylvania) 

I had such a wonderful time in Pennsylvania sharing the Lenten Presentation "Beauty and Hope in Suffering". In York, I shared with the wonderful parishioners of St. Patrick's Church. And in Waynesboro, I shared with the wonderful parishioners of St Andrew the Apostle Church (the students joined me in concert and did a fantastic job!). 

It's a blessing to be able to travel and meet new people and this trip was no exception. I feel like I made some life-long friends on this trip.

Thank you for inviting me to come, for making me feel so welcome 

and for blessing this ministry. 

I pray the music and message blessed all of you. 



Thank you for supporting this ministry and I pray you have a blessed and safe Easter season. 



Christ Is Risen! Alleluia! 


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