Here is the Video for the New Song Release of the Ave Maria.

I made this video specific to the unique times in which we are living. My hope is that it will bring you peace and comfort during this time as well as encourage us all to spend more time praying for each other. Please feel free to share a link to the video with others to help me get it out there to more people who may need it.  -Jaime 

My wonderful husband and I went LIVE on Facebook ! 

I posted the video's here for those of you who don't have FB.

We hope that these short 10-20 minute video's will give you

some tools and inspiration during this unique time.

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April 4th - Pete and Jaime - Episode 1 - "Be Here Now" (Click on Picture to Play Video)

April 5th - Pete and Jaime - Episode 2 - "Active Passivity" (Click on Picture to Play Video)

April 7th - Pete and Jaime - Episode 3 "Self Control & Patience" (Click on Picture to Play Video)